Reunification and Adaptation Program (RAP) is a project of Toronto Public Health. The overall objective of this project is to identify communities to develop intervention to support families dealing with reunification, separation, integration, intercultural and intergenerational issues arising from the immigrant process. More specifically, the project is aiming:

  • To hire, train and support youth, and parents/caregivers and others to facilitate and support mentorship and peer support strategies for the ethno-racial communities such as African, Caribbean, Hispanic, East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian communities
  • To ¬†develop activities and services that enhance the coping capacity of the children, youth and parents/caregivers dealing with separation, reunification and adaptation
  • To enhance and support the capacity of ethno-racial communities/services and settlement agencies so that they can better assist children, youth, parents/caregivers with separation, reunification, and intergenerational issues arising out from the immigration process
  • To monitor the effectiveness of this type of intervention
  • To improve coordination of settlement services to youth, parents and families affected by these issues and improve coordination between Toronto Public Health (TPH) and the settlement agencies
  • To enhance the capacity of the settlement sector and other community agencies to recognize and support families affected by these issues
  • To enhance the understanding and skills of TPH staff to support families affected by these issues and to link residents to community based supports

Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) is one of the implementing partners of RAP project and working with Bangladeshi and Tamil Communities of greater Toronto. This web and blog site has been developed in order to engage Youth with the various service agencies in Toronto as per their needs. We hope this online resource will help and inspire the Youth to access the services that is related to their health, education, employment and cultural development. Besides, through this blog site, an attempt has been made to get feedback of the Youth on the services they have used. We hope this initiative will increase service engagement with the youth and enhance the quality of services related to their well-being. If you have any query or feedback about this site, please contact Dr. Mahbub Hasan of CASSA RAP Project at hasan@cassa.on.ca